2019 Adventure – Arctic Ocean or Bust

Well this is a little late! Found out I didn’t “publish” this back in 2019!

Now that we are planning, and about to embark on yet another adventure I thought I would post it before it gets totally lost out there in Cyber space!

Heading for a great Canadian trip to the Arctic Ocean with our good friends and travel companions, the Wilsons! We actually bought the citation camper from them, and anxious to see how their new digs work! First part of the journey will take us from Chetwynd to Terrace to visit with friends and relatives. Then from Terrace to Prince Rupert where we will catch the Alaska ferry to Haines Alaska, head north and go across the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City, and then up the Dempster to Tuktoyuktuck. Couldn’t have asked for better weather or better companions for the trip! Once in a lifetime, as was the swim at midnight in the arctic Ocean!

This trip was approximately 5000 km, which includes the return trip to Dawson City from the Dempster Junction as we were not able to get fuel there! It was approximately 620 km on the ferry, which was such a relaxing way to travel, and see so much of the coast, even in the clouds and rain it was spectacular.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery I put together of the trip. It really was a trip of a lifetime, and I don’t think there are too many other places in the world where the views are as spectacular as these were.

Stay Tuned |For our next adventure beginning February 16th, 2022………

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