BaseBall, San Andrea’s Fault and Salton Sea

On our last day in Casa Grande we decided to try out a baseball game. Between the four of us, none had been to a professional game, so in 35+ degree weather we head into Dodgers Training camp at Glendale to watch the Dodgers and Mariners play ball at Camelback Ranch.

The most important thing of the whole day was to first find the hotdog and beer vendor, because that’s what you do at a  ball game!  It was more interesting to see live, as is most sports, however, I think it would have been more comfortable sitting in an air conditioned sports bar drinking affordable ice cold beer eating pretzels.   But, we went to experience it, and it was great, but not sure I would go back – unless I got a shady spot!   It was hard sitting in the sun watching them, I can’t imagine them playing ball in that heat. Have to admit, we snuck out after the 7th inning, but I don’t think anyone noticed!

The next day, March 22, it was time to pack up and leave our friends in Casa Grande.  It was a wonderful visit, with great hospitality, and fun once again with the Wilson’s.   There is so much more to do in that area, and we only just touched the tip of it.  We’ll be back to the south again!

We didn’t get away too early in the day but early enough to get to Phoenix to visit with Harold again, and after all this time, meet his Daughter we’ve heard so much about, Virgina, aka Gini.  We didn’t get to visit too much with them as they were expecting a conference call with Lawyers, so we sat in the back yard, by the pool and had a glass of ice water, which was appreciated so much!  Again, the weather was just fabulous.   We were there for a couple of hours before we left, having a great visit and hoping to see them both again on a return trip through Arizona.

After leaving Phoenix we headed west  into the Desert to find Gary’s Cousin  near Buckeye/Tonopha!  Of course Suzie came in handy again, and basically got us right to their place – out in the middle of the desert, or so it seemed!   Had a great visit with Kelly and Donna.  They had just got back from Mexico, and were getting ready to head back north theirselves.  Even though it was windy, it was very hot.  Their place seemed to be very isolated, but I could see the attraction to living there, with good water, and freedom to move about in the desert.  As we left, there was a little pub only a couple miles away, definitely a liveable place.   We were invited to spend the night, however, our clock was ticking, and we did have miles to make before the day was done, so after a few hours of visiting and lots of laughs we headed west, crossing the Colarado River into California and staying in Blythe for the night. Only 211+ miles with driving around Phoenix and then Buckeye/Tonopha – but so worth all the visiting we got in.

The next morning we headed west on I10 towards Yucca Valley and Pioneer town, with a couple little detours.  First, about 72 miles west of Blythe, we turned south onto Box Canyon Road.  What a welcome this two lane little road was after all the freeways since we left Teepee Creek!  As we proceeded down the road I soon realized that this was part of the San Andrea’s Fault.   All along this road you see  examples of the  upturned strata which is associated with the southern segment of the fault which begins near Bombay Beach California.  Happily, we didn’t feel any rumblings beneath our feet there!

After several stops along this Canyon Road we come out into the Coachella Valley at Mecca, and headed south to visit the Salton Sea.  It is one of the world’s largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth at -227 below sea level. It was created in 1905 when high spring flooding on the Colorado River breached the canal gates leading into Valley.  For 18 months the  Colorado River flowed into the Salton Trough.  By the time the flow was stopped the Salton Sea was 45 miles long and 20 miles wide!   For a time, in the  60s and 70s it was paradise, a booming resort town. People flocked to the Salton Sea, a paradise in the desert. However, few people occupy houses in the area today.  There are Hotels and houses that have been abandoned, and are just waiting to be swallowed up by the desert, and the sea.

We enjoyed our visit of the Salton Sea, as destitute as it was – but it was time to carry on to our days destination of Rimrock, in the High Desert just above  Yucca Valley.




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