Paracus, Nasca Lines & Ballesteros Islands

As usual Marcelo was prompt with our transfer from hotel to bus depot.  It was an easy transfer as we were told we only needed to take essential items, and leave the rest at the hotel, which we would be returning to after our one night stay in Paracus.  Of course, sometimes one does not always think so clearly early in the morning, some essential items were left behind, but hey….only one night.
So we board our “regular” bus for Paracus, and after everyone’s, pictures are taken, we set off in our upper level seats, which once the fog cleared gave us wonderful views of the ocean as we travel south of Lima on the Pan American  Highway.  Arriving at the bus depot in Paracus which was a quaint little place with steps where there should Not be steps. image Guess who misses the last step and almost bowls over the camera which is video taping the passenger exit?  Ha….just a scaped up knee….nothing too serious, however arriving at the Doubletree Paracus hotel  the door men continued to remind me “steps coming”  every time we entered and exited the hotel. News travels quickly here too!
After we check in we  have a short time to get orientated before the bus arrives to take us to the airport for our flight over the Nazca Lines.  Was a great way to view the lines, and we all got window seats!
image With all the turning, and diving, I can not believe I didn’t have to use the little white bags provided! Got wonderful photos of all the lines.  Still so many unanswered questions, will be doing research after arriving home, so incredible.  Back  to our hotel where we were able to view the fantastic sport of
kite surfing
With the beautiful setting sun as the back drop the kites looked spectacular!
The next morning we had our breakfast, and were transferred to the pier to board a boat to Ballesteros Islands.  I was a little disappointed when, after an hour wait on the pier we were told it was too foggy, and the  Navy  cancelled the tour.  We elected to not go on the replacement tour, a drive through the desert, but to just wait the 5 hrs at the fabulous hotel until we would catch our
bus back to Lima.
 image Of course, when we packed our essential items for our overnight trip, we didn’t consider having much time to laze around a pool;  none of us brought swim suits!  What a shame!   But we sat by the pool, in the shade and enjoyed our, yet again, complimentary Pisco Sours!  Then headed up to our air conditioned room.  We no sooner got there and the phone rang, and the tour was back on!  I would have been so sorry to have missed the tour!  The fog was still pretty bad, but we were able to get a good look at the CANDELABRA. image  Once again, no concrete explanation for the etching in the sand, but the middle prong does point in the direction of the Nasca lines.  Possibly some sort of a directional beacon used by sailors in finding the lines. Traveling a short distance further we were greeted by millions of birds, and I am Not exaggerating! We were all warned to wear hats, and rain coats as these birds are not very polite when it comes to tourists.  As far as I know our boat was spared any bombings from above, although I just wouldn’t have believed that possible!  I think the fog made the islands even that much more spectacular, with the sun making brief appearances throughout the trip. We went through several caves, seeing the birds that prefer to nest underneath the rocks, as well as sea  lions, and a few penguins sitting on rocks and swimming!
Really a bird lovers paradise.
Once back at the pier,we head back to our hotel, and another transfer to the bus back to Lima, for two nights at the Doubletree Mira Floras, and finally a chance to visit with “family”!

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