LA and Family

The drive into LA started out great, was still warm and sunny and after giving Joe (my GPS guy with an Australian accent I might add)  the address  in Covina we were off.  About an hour into the trip we run out of wifi in the truck, and Joe was no longer communicating with me. I didn’t panic, I just started doing it the old fashion way, following the google map, but it doesn’t quite show the freeway lanes as well as what we would need…and without a proper paper map, we resorted to purchasing more wifi.


The further north we went, the cooler, and cloudier it got.  Even a few sprinkles of rain.  I was thinking another couple days in the San Diego sun would have been good, but Gary was anxious to start heading back to Canada.  With Joe and I back on speaking terms, he took us right to my Aunt and Uncles house. They have just moved back to Covina from the High Desert of Rimrock (Pioneer Town) so we had never been here before. But as per usual, the Canadian Flag was fly proudly in front of the house, we knew we had arrived! And imagine that,  just in time for happy hour!  That night we went for dinner at the Clearman’s North Woods Inn. Such good food. We first came to this restaurant in 1986, it was as good now as it was then.

The next day had us taking a late morning of visiting before heading down to a shopping centre where I would take advantage of picking up some art supplies at a Hobby Lobby store. I’ve not yet seen one in Canada. I hadn’t imagined the size of this store, and the merchandise that they carry. I could have spent thousands of dollars in that store, but restrained myself, and walked out with only what I intended to. We did spend over an hour in the store, and did find a perfect gift for one of our son in laws. After a great deal deliberation on what a steal of a deal it was, and how we would store it in the camper I left the decision to Gary. He declined. We didn’t have much time back at my Aunt and Uncles before departing for Brea to meet up with my cousins at Buca di Beppo, a fabulous Italian restaurant. My cousin Russ, his wife Wendy and their twin children Riley and Parker arrived soon after we got there. Their twins are only a year older than my granddaughters! Bobbi arrived shortly after. It was a great mini reunion. Although we had just seen my Aunty, Uncle and Bobbi in February, we just don’t get to see some family very often, so it is so nice to reunite with them. Bobbi’s sons and husband couldn’t join us, but maybe Next time! The food was exceptional, as was the company. It was a wonderful evening with lots of laughs, and memories shared.

Once again, it was not an early start to the day, but it was a day we would hit the road and head north.  We said our goodbyes, and got into the truck, Gary decided  we would go back to Hobby Lobby and get that gift for our son in law.  So a right turn, instead of left was made, my Uncle probably thought we  were lost right out of the gate!  In any case, there was only one, and it was gone!  The girl even went to the back to see if there would be one “tucked” away to replace the show model, but no such luck.  I’m sure Gary will find something as unique when the birthday rolls around.

It was still a little grey and damp when we left Covina, but as previously decided, highway 15, then  395 north.  May not be the quickest, or even the most scenic, but it was a straight line on the map!   Once we are out of the city, and up into and over the mountains, the grey skies began opening up to a cloudless, windy day. Sometimes the wind would catch the camper  and give me a bit of a start, but it was all good. Lots of straight road and desert, marked with the occasional farm town or farm.

We pull into the beautiful picturesque town of Lone Pine. It is flanked by both the snow capped Sierra Nevada Range on one side and the Inyo Mountains on the other. We did make a stop at the Museum of Western Film History, and it was a great stop to get out and stretch our legs. We did sit through the short 15 minute film that they show on the hour, and it was very interesting too. So many artifacts to see and read about from the “wild west”. If you’ve got the time, it is worth the stop.

There is a list of films that were created in and around Lone Pine Area here.  It is a pretty extensive list including the likes of Jack Hoxie and Will Rogers in  1919 – 1920’s up to 2013 – 2014 when the town was invaded by the likes of Johnny Depp, Gareth Edwards, and Jamie Foxx.

Unfortunately it was getting later in the day as we went by Manzanar, which is one of 10 camps in which the American Japanese were held during world war 2. Although there is not much left of the “camp” there are monuments, and a visitors centre with information and artifacts that would have been interesting to see.  They are in the process of recreating some of the towers, barracks, etc.  So maybe “next” time we go that way there will be more to see as well.

A few miles down the road and we whip through the little town of Independence.  I realized where we were at the last moment and was able to get a snap of the Inyo County Court House, just as we were going by.  The world was more than aware what was occurring  in that building in the summer of 1969!


We continued on to Bishop Ca.  The winds had not died down at all, and was still making the truck and camper sway as we moved down the road. The Brown’s Mill RV site was on the other side of town, about 8 miles away so we continued through the sign that warned of high winds, and advisories for trucks and campers to not continue. I have to admit, I was a little nervous a  couple of times when the gusts of wind would hit us from the side, and now with the advisory, I was anxious to get off the freeway and stopped at the campground for the night.  Hopefully leave in the morning before the winds picked up again.  The campground was down in a hole, right by the creek, and was busy enough for this time of year with everything from tents to big motorhomes.  Lots of fishing in these areas, so much so that the wash house had a fish washing station.


The sun was setting quickly, and we didn’t sit outside as it was about 32 degrees, but there were a few people outside with fires whipping around in the wind.  Didn’t look like much fun as we sat in our cozy little camper, swaying back and forth in the wind, and thankful there were no leaves on the trees;  the noise would have been deafening.





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