Fort Bragg to Eugene

Having had a great sleep, and big breakfast we again headed north on Highway 1.   Another beautiful day  to see the ocean at is bluest, Of course we could have done without so much wind!


We traveled as far as Crescent City, 217 miles, and then headed east on 199 to Grants Pass and headed North from there on  I-5.  Such Beautiful scenery.  We could have stopped around every corner and captured mother nature at her best, but alas – we were on a mission.   We followed the Smith River for Several miles, and could not believe the White, the blue and green so beautiful.


We did travel through the Redwood Forests, although we did not make any stops at the, as Gary calls them, tourist traps.  Maybe next time!  Trees are not JUST TREES when you are travelling through this park, the trees are ENORMOUS!

After 435 miles, with some very twisting and winding roads,  we found the Days Inn at Eugene Oregon and called it a day.  We could have travelled further, but what would be the point of a road trip, if you travelled in the dark.



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