Dancing x2 – Pickleball – Air/Space Museum

True to her word, on March 17th – a Thursday night no less –off we head to the St. Paddy’s Dinner and Dance.  I guess no one had to get up and go to work the next morning, so every day is like Saturday.   It was fun!   The band consisted of people that lived in the community and practice regularly, some pretty awesome musicians I might add. Singers,  6 – 8  all lined up in front of the stage with microphones, and words, and all sported their St. Paddy’s green attire to celebrate the occasion.  It was a great meal, dance, and company again.  Our Hosts with the most just kept us amused during our stay, even though we assured them we didn’t expect them to keep us entertained !  It was fun touring  with them though.


They actually got us out to play several games of, you guessed it – Pickle Ball!  The four of us were way to busy to snap any photos, but it was an experience!  I just don’t see how it can be tagged as a Seniors sport!  Way too big of  a speech just to serve the ball, then ya have to worry about hitting the ball, and staying out of the kitchen, and using your front not back hand, looking to see if a ball is out of bounds,  AND keep score!  I somehow ended up being on a winning team a couple times, and occasionally still hear “Move forward!”  and “forehand” in my sleep!   Apparently they play it here now, we’ll have to get our own pickle ball paddles, and head down to check it out!

We also all went over to have a cold one with Robby and Tracy who brought their horses down to Maricopa. We didn’t realize exactly what Robby meant when he told us to bring our dancing boots and drinking arms, but soon found out it was a huge going away party/dance for all the snowbirds soon to be returning North.

Again, so hot we appreciated sitting in the gazebo.  Dinner was served, and then the start up band began to play – Robby was on drums, I didn’t know he played drums!   We had one dance, and decided it was time to leave.  It was such a fun time….would have loved to stay longer, but out of the four of us, no cowboy boots or hats, and there wasn’t even a belt buckle in any of our attire, time to head back to Casa Grande.

We also hit the Prima Air & Space Museum.  Gary was pretty thrilled with that tour.  Again our hosts had already been there, so we went it alone. We did the tram tour, which I highly suggest as its so informative, and the signs at each aircraft do not give the stories, just descriptions.  We didn’t spend too much time walking around the out door exhibits after the tram tour as it was just too hot, we would walk around for about 1/2 hour, then head for a hanger, which was considerably cooler – although after 20 minutes or so seemed just as hot as outside.


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