March 9th – We’re Off!

The First two days of travel were relatively short.  But getting out of the house and on the road is always the most important thing, as well as the hardest thing to make happen.  On the first day we only travelled as far as Teepee Creek Ab. (240 Km) to see the grandchildren before leaving on our two week journey.

We were not in a hurry to leave the next morning, as we were only going as far as Olds Ab  ( 600km) to visit with Peter, an old Helicopter Engineer friend that Gary worked with in the Yukon, and travelled to Australia and New Zealand with. It was a great visit, talking about old times, and new.   Although we did have a quick dinner visit with him a year ago in Chetwynd, it was at least 20 years since we had seen him last.  Such a great visit, and hoping its not as long until our paths cross again.

Our Third day had us travelling across into the USA at Sweetgrass Montana. A beautiful sunny day….good things were coming, despite the forecast for snow in Bryce Canyon!). We HAD to stop and


Leaving Alberta made it seem like the road trip was actually happening, although I have to admit, there wasn’t an immediate change in the scenery!  The  disappearing snow was a wonderful way to continue our journey  – and we know there is warmer weather ahead.  We drove to  Helena, (735 Km) that Night, the capital of Montana.  As it was getting dark, and  we were tired,  we didn’t see too much of the place.

Up Bright and early the next morning to head down the road to Salt Lake City where we planned at stopping at the Mormon Tabernacle and the Temple Square. What beautiful pieces of architecture.  It was a beautiful day, for a wedding or 8!   We counted 8 brides around the church, and throughout the square.  Photos are not allowed in the temple, and very few guests are invited inside, however, there were hundreds of people milling about, in their finery, obviously guests of the weddings that took place that day.  I’m sure we are in some of the photos, although I did contain myself, and didn’t do the obvious photo bomb with a peace sign!

Unfortunately we were a day early to hear the choir practice in the Tabernacle, which was a little disappointing, but it did become the story of our trip!  Timing is everything, and I did say on several occasions- Next time!    Leaving the center of the city at rush hour is a little daunting, but off we went, and continued down I15 to Fillmore, putting another 626+ MILES  behind us. Fillmore obviously shuts down early. Driving in at 9 pm everything was closed up, stopped at the first hotel we saw, a Best Western, and the price was outrageous for the facility, so drove through the town, which appeared at that time of night to be a ghost town.  Just before getting back onto the I15 spotted a  Comfort Inn and Suites.  It was just right,  and 50 less than the BW.   We were done for the night, and the room was clean, quiet, and comfy!  Still forecasting snow for Bryce Canyon…Maybe they are wrong!?

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